LP - Veneto Region - Project Unit Research and Innovation

The Veneto Region, under the Italian Constitution (article 117, paragraph 3) aims to ensure economic growth and sustainable development on the area.

PP2 - Chamber of Commerce of Venice

CCIAA VE is a public body representing the general interests of Venice enterprise system. The Chamber provides promotional services devoted to enterprises, protects and regulates market and holds the Business Register.

PP3 – Finlombarda

Finlombarda, Public financial Institution of Regione Lombardia, promotes the sustainable development of the regional economy, manages regional and EU funds, and provides innovative financial instruments to support, among others, energy efficiency and renewables.

PP4 - Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Marseille Provence

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille Provence is a key actor for business creation and development, at the heart of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA).

PP5 - ARDI - Rhône-Alpes

ARDI is the regional agency for innovation and development for the Rhône-Alpes region, France. Its main mission is to support competitiveness of regional companies through innovation.

PP6 - Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalucía

Agencia IDEA, Agency for innovation and development of Andalusia, is the regional development agency of the Andalusian Government.

PP7 - Regional Council of Chamber of Commerce of Andalusia

The Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce is an organization that represents and coordinates the fourteen Chambers of Commerce in Andalusia.

PP8 - Region of Peloponnese

The Region of Peloponnese is located in southern Greece, constitutes a self-governed body divided into five regional units and aims at having an active role in the EU.

PP9 - Cyclades Chamber of Commerce

CYCLADES CHAMBER located in Syros island (capital of Cyclades complex) keeps a network of offices in 8 islands and represents more than 16.500 enterprises of Industry, Handicrafts, Commerce and Tourism.

PP10 - Cyprus Chamber of Commerce

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a private corporate body functioning under special law, promoting entrepreneurship and supporting business cooperation between Cypriot and foreign enterprises.

PP11 - Josef Stephan Institute

The Jožef Stefan Institute is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research in natural sciences, life sciences and engineering.

PP12 - ASCAME - Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry

ASCAME is the most important representative of the Mediterranean private sector with over 200 Chambers of Commerce from the 23 countries of the Mediterranean basin.

PP13 - Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of the Valencia Region

CCCV is the most representative body of the Valencia Region companies which represents the 5 local Chambers of Commerce, also acts as a consultative and collaborative body for the autonomous government regarding business issues.

PP14 - Region of Istria

The Region of Istria is a unit of regional self-government in Croatia and it is one of the most developed regions in Croatia. The region of Istria is either member of or its representatives cooperate with numerous international organisations and take part in initiatives and networks.